Before arrival the guest can make payments and buy serial tickets through our digital services. If the sauna is full guests can wait in the Welcoming Area or in the restaurant.

The Welcoming Area is an open, airy space of comfortable size with welcoming desks, a bar, a fireplace, a sauna shop and a section to sit down and relax. While sometimes busy, the space always feels calm and serene.

The Sauna Hosts do not stand behind desks, but rather move around in the area making the atmosphere welcoming and informal. Rather than a single, long institutional reception desk (as seen in hotels), there are either several smaller desks or one central desk for service. Whenever possible, desks are positioned so that new guests entering the Welcoming Area see the staff and registering guests from their sides.

In Large concept spaces there is an area where guests can sit down and relax on their own or with others.

All guests are given name-tagged sauna garments and towels. During the winter months socks and hats for ice dipping are available at locations close to seas and lakes.

These and other products can also be bought in the sauna shop.
The bar is located in the middle of the Welcoming and Sauna Area so that guests on both sides can have a drink and a snack.


Social and welcoming desk in the center of the room, “armchairs” to sit down and relax in. (Pic 1:, Pic 2:

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