A distinguishing feature of Lumo Nordic is the way we touch all five senses as we generate feelings of happiness, contentment, and relaxation. The high quality Nordic relaxation we offer, the environment we create, and the service we provide, all work in harmony across the senses.

Our goal is to ensure our guests have a sensory experience that leaves them feeling better, more relaxed, and a little happier than before they walked through our doors.

Indeed, just the experience of entering Lumo Nordic should be a positive sensory reward. Then, as one moves through from the Welcoming Area to the Sauna Area, the feeling of relaxation should be become deeper through the use of darker and warmer colors and temperatures, and calmer and slower behavior of both guests and staff.

Once finished with the deep relaxation of the sauna, the Eating and Drinking area and its terrace highlight feelings of happiness through brighter colors, open feelings, and more lively behavior.


Visual triggers have a profound effect on feelings. The colors and materials we choose give a calm, harmonic, and simplistic yet cozy impression.

The colors and lighting get darker as we move from the Welcoming Area to the saunas. While day light is preferred, indirect natural-toned electric lights can be used. Fireplaces and candles, especially used in winter, give both cozy lighting and pleasant scents. Water is also a recurring element.

Visual chaos jars the senses and should be vigorously avoided. Electrical, air conditioning, computers, etc. should hidden as much as possible or integrated into the furniture.

The dominant shapes used are organic rectangles and circles. In the saunas we have rectangular windows that frame the outside nature (where applicable). Other windows are as often as possible towards nature.

Calm, welcoming body language and pleasant looking and sensitively behaving staff are of outmost importance. “A smile is the universal welcome.” (Max Eastman)


Smells are excellent ways to evoke positive memories. The fresh smell of the countryside, emanating from subtle, natural sources turn walking into Lumo Nordic into childhood memories.

When approaching Lumo Nordic from the outside, guests pick up the scents of tar and firewood burning. Once inside, wood and twigs, especially from birch, create a swirl of lovely scents. Having been vigorously cleaned with pine soap, every surface evokes nature and cleanliness. The saunas, showers, and dressing rooms smell fresh.

As one walks through to the bar and restaurant area, scents of berries and fresh food dominate. In the morning, the smell of coffee pervades.

The air within Lumo Nordic is fresh and smoke free, as smoking is only allowed at certain tables on the terrace.


Our experience is highly tactile with temperature, humidity and materials, as felt by skin, hands and bare feet, strengthening the sensory experience. At Lumo Nordic one experiences the clear contrasts between materials: rough and smooth (concrete/wood), hard and soft (concrete/cotton), warm and cool (wood/copper).
All surfaces that are touched by hands or bare feet are made from clean-feeling natural materials that neither feel too cold nor get too hot in the sauna heat.

Towels and sauna garments feel soft on the skin. The temperature in our strong-pressure showers can be adjusted to suit the preferences of our guests.
The temperature in Lumo Nordic varies appropriately – for example, it is warmer in areas where guests wear less clothes. The temperature and humidity in dressing and shower area are closely regulated and suitable both for people coming in from the cold, as well as people getting out of the sauna heat.


Eating not only nourishes but also brings the pleasure of introducing one’s palette beautiful taste sensations. Fresh, natural, simple, clean are the triggers we use.

Berries, vegetables and herbs communicate our Nordic preferences. We don’t cook with a lot of fat or salt. We focus on the tastes, textures and beautiful presentation of everything we serve, from the simplest snack to the most delicious dinner and dessert.
Our bar offers a wide variety of tastes to quench a thirst or accompany a meal.

The water we serve throughout Lumo Nordic is crisp and clean, always well chilled, still not too cold.

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