Our premises consist of five main areas: Welcoming Area, Activity Area, Dressing and Shower, Sauna Area and Eating and Drinking Area. In addition to these there are terraces in connection to both Sauna and Eating and Drinking Areas.

Areas shown in lilac exist in all premises, green ones in Medium and large and grey area only in concept Large. We show a rough estimate of how much of the building is reserved for each area. In this picture only guest areas are included. (Technical areas, kitchen, staff rooms, storage etc. are not shown.)

Where applicable, the Sauna Terrace is either connected to a bar at the Eating and Drinking Area or to the bar in the Welcoming Area.


Main guest areas in the building and their relative estimated sizes. Technical and behind the scenes -areas excluded. (Lilac: in all concept sizes, Green: in Medium and Large concepts, Grey: only in Large concepts)

Our Small Concept is not a stand-alone premise, but an adjunct to an existing facility of another service provider (e.g. hotel, spa, restaurant) that can ensure our guests are always offered food. When a third party offers the restaurant services, a special concept-inspired menu is created.

Some of the areas and functions are always a part of the concept (Fixed), some may contain variations (Flexible), and some can be left out (Free).

Franchisees can develop their own services and products and they are categorized as Free. In any case, these should in line with the concept and approved by Lumo Nordic.


150-250 m2
550 m2
950 m2
WELCOMING AREAFixed: Welcoming desk BarFixed: Welcoming desk BarFixed: Welcoming desk Bar
“Armchairs”Sauna shopSauna shop
Flexible: Fire placeFire placeFire place
ACTIVITY AREANoneFlexible: Small separate activity roomFixed: Full sized activity room
 DRESSING AND SHOWERFixed: Lockers/boxesFixed: Lockers/boxesFixed: Lockers/boxes
Normal showersNormal showersNormal showers
Make up- tableMake up -cornerMake up -corner
Free: Rain showers
 SAUNA AREAFixed: Smoke saunaFixed: Smoke saunaFixed: Smoke sauna
Standard unisex sauna with wooden stoveTwo standard unisex saunas with wooden stoveTwo to four standard unisex saunas with wooden stove
Outside terraceOutside terraceOutside terrace
Cold poolCold poolWarm pool
Free: Outside cold poolFree: Outside cold poolFree: Outside cold pool
Opportunity to swim in sea/lakeOpportunity to swim in sea/lake/floating poolFree: Outside cold pool
Outside warm pool (fi: palju)
Separate saunas for women and men (part of dressing and shower area)
Opportunity to swim in sea/lake/floating pool
 EATING AND DRINKING AREA(S)Fixed: Bar in Welcoming AreaFixed: Bar in Welcoming AreaFixed: Bar in Welcoming Area
Flexible: Small restaurantFull scale restaurant

Functions in different areas.

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