Brand marketing and sales

Lumo Nordic will always provide brand marketing and sales support. This will include different kinds of ready-to-use as well as marketing materials to be localised.

Brand marketing will categorically be done by the headquarters and localising always done in close relationship with the local operational organisation. Brand marketing will mainly be online based and local marketing always planned and executed according to the local special conditions. There will also be communications & PR related to the Lumo Nordic sauna and food & drinks – PR will play major role especially for the sauna’s health benefits. In addition to the online marketing, event marketing will have its own important role within the area close to the location, since Lumo Nordic will host many local events and wants to partner with the local talents. Of course this will go for the entertainment, music and culture as well as for the things related to the sauna and food & drinks too.


Get in touch with directly the headquarters to discuss about your local possibilities.


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