Personnel pass

At the Lumo Nordic the system to keep the staff motivated and continuously developing, is based on the “personnel pass”. This means there’s a system to control the needed skills before the start of the operational working at the Lumo Nordic -locations.

This means there will be a “level test” which must be passed before starting to work at either the sauna or restaurant side of the location. To keep the staff motivated and to keep them developing their skills, there will be other levels which can be reached thru the training system. The personnel pass system exists also to check the level of the skills within the working contracts at the locations, which has to be passed regularly.

There will also be mystery shoppers regularly visiting the locations to check the performance of the staff.


Most importantly the system exists to guarantee the motivation of the staff but naturally also to guarantee the high quality level of the staff throughout their working careers at the Lumo Nordic organisation.

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