Lumo Nordic

Is a new space for busy people who want to reduce their stress levels and improve the quality of their lives.

However, until now, it’s been hard to find a place where you can truly combat stress in the center of the city.

But now there’s Lumo Nordic.

We’ve created a modern take on traditional Nordic relaxation that blends the rejuvenating power of hot sauna with cold and hot water experiences and other beneficial forms of relaxation.
All this happens in a specially-designed and stress-free social space where you can enjoy food and drinks, chat with friends, or simply chill.
Lumo Nordic. Think of it as your space.

Stress sucks

Busy, responsible, and caring people build up stress as they struggle to cope with life’s many demands, questions and ambiguities. Stress robs people of their energy and sense of well-being. It can bring on illnesses, lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, and make relationships challenging. Smart people do what they can to improve their health by actively reducing their stress levels.

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