This is an example of our medium sized premises.


Generally, our saunas are public and available on a first-come basis. Groups of friends, colleagues or tourists are welcome, but normally bathe with other guests. However, in our Large locations, saunas can be reserved for private occasions.

A flexible design enables multi-use of areas, (e.g. activity area can be used for meetings, treatments can be done in sauna or sauna area).

Our modern and unique architecture and interior design concept unifies the Lumo Nordic feeling across all our locations. Colors and materials are minimalistic (but not cold), natural and Nordic. Nearly black, grey and beige tones symbolize earth, darkness, winter and lighter grays and beiges as well as pastel colors stand for sunlight, day and summer. Together they also symbolize the contrasts between cold and warm that is the core in the relaxation rotation.

We prefer soft contrasts

Materials used are wood, stone, concrete, copper, glass and combinations of these. Plastic or other artificial materials are used only where it is absolutely necessary. We don’t specify any specific brands or designers, though we do insist that the interior be of good quality and well designed.


Color palette with grays and pastels. (Pic 1:, Pic 2: alex-


Concrete, copper, Nordic wood, combination of glass, concrete and wood (Pic 1:, Pic 2:, Pic 3:, Pic 4:

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