Arriving guests are always noted with a welcoming look even if the Host in busy. Frequent guests are duly recognized.

For new comers, the Sauna Host explains how sauna clothes are used, drinks are paid for, lockers opened, etc.

Throughout the experience, the spoken word is often underlined with gestures. Our staff maintain eye contact with our guests. They talk with a low and calm voice especially in Dressing Rooms and the Sauna Area. They walk slightly slower than normal.

We create trust and generate storytelling by making all the processes and functions related to sauna bathing open and visible to the guests. For new comers to sauna culture, the sauna guide explains how the sauna works and demonstrates by filling the stove and putting water on the stove in full view of the guests.

Our staff members are encouraged to be social and talkative with our guests. When guests are present, our staff concentrate the guests, and limit conversation among themselves.

Guest complaints are welcome and our staff members can choose how to compensate dissatisfied guests (e.g. money back, free visits, free food, drinks or services or just a simple sorry).

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