We do not use much digital signage. Signage is kept to minimum to avoid visual chaos and should blend into the background. Signs for main areas and various saunas are close to doors and/or door openings. The only written longer instruction is for the relaxation rotation experience.


Below you can find an example of the branding on the side of the building, a wooden Lumo Nordic -symbol on the left side of the wall:

Advertising of Lumo Nordic services is kept to a minimum and appear only in discreet places (e.g. the back of name tags). We do not have partners’ logos on any glasses, tableware, sun umbrellas, towels etc.


Signage on wood, signage on concrete, signage on thin wood, graphic design elements. (Pic 1: blogmakezine.com, Pic 2: smashingmagazine.com, Pic 3: jayce.o.blogspot.com, Pic 4: theresesennerholt.com)



Our basic logo tp be used within signage can be seen below. More info can be found under brand materials.


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