As you are reading this content, you should be very proud of yourself since you have passed thru the strict criteria to be chosen as a member of Lumo Nordic staff. Congratulations!

As a Lumo Nordic staff member, you are naturally excellent at the work with the customers. You should make the customers feel like home at the Lumo Nordic location. Secondly, You should feel like home at work – by doing both of these, both you and the customer, should feel relaxed.


At the Lumo Nordic the relaxation experience for the customers will be guaranteed by the very relaxed staff. There are a few principles to be followed.


Main recruitment criteria

  1. Passionate – people with the passion and engagement to do what they love
  2. Smiling – people with the right kind of attitude – smiling, positive, helpful – 365/24/7 happy team players
  3. Self-imposed – people with their own and immediate problem solving skills motivated to work towards the goals set by the management
  4. Personalities – people with their own kind of individual behaviour towards the customers
  5. Self-developing – Eagerness to develop themselves to become better at what they do
  6. Skillful – people with the sufficient skills to adapt to their work


On-going training

Lumo Nordic will be continuously developing their staff at all the fields required for their tasks. But even more importantly there needs to be own will to train themselves with the new skills.

Lumo Nordic will draft a personal training program for all of it’s employees to offer each individual possibilities to develop further all the wanted skills.



Lumo Nordic as an employer will give a lot of responsibility to their employees. This requires trust between the management and the employees – both ways.  Most importantly, management staff will be trained and controlled daily to form the optimal conditions for the whole staff to work at the best possible way.

ideal-employeeMore about all of the above mentioned topics during the trainings before and during the operations.


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