The relaxing and beautiful activity area

Meant for scheduled classes, is accessible from the Welcoming Area and, in some premises, also from women’s dressing room.

The room can be used for meetings and lectures during times when scheduled activities are not held. Guests can sit or lay down on hammocks, which are easy to store and which can also be used on terraces). Our yoga- and Pilates mats are made of natural materials and they feel nice like carpets than rubber.

Other equipment is kept to a minimum and is stored in lockers that melt into the walls.
There is a soft feeling to the Activity Area, with soft wood floors and soft wall coverings. Windows are placed close to the ceiling. Wide doors are kept open between classes turning the area into a part of the Welcoming Area that can be used for guest relaxation.

This space is also ideal for privately-booked casual and creative get-togethers (less so for formal business meetings).


Hammock for the Activity Area, yoga and Pilates mats, room with relaxing lightening, wooden floor and wide doors. (Pic 1: riippumattoshop.f, Pic 2:, Pic

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