The eating and drinking area

Accessible from both the Welcoming Area and the outside, is designed to encourage relaxing social behavior. Both sauna guests and other guests are as welcome. Guests coming here after a relaxing sauna bath can use the space as a slow return to reality. Those visiting for only food and drinks will be tempted to enter the sauna now or later.

The Eating and Drinking Area has big windows with a view to nature (if possible). A big terrace is situated outside the restaurant preferably in a southwest – west direction. The restaurant and terrace can work independently from saunas and can have longer opening hours.

In daytime the tables are relaxed, but in the evening cotton and linen blend tablecloths can be used. Tableware is made from natural materials such as ceramics. Tableware, glasses and cutlery have an authentic feeling of craftsmanship. In keeping with the Lumo Nordic design style, they are of high quality but not necessarily designed by well-known designers. We prefer products made in the Nordic countries.

The space is casual. There is no large desk, and staff and guests co-mingle. Seats are arrange so guests are visible from their sides to people coming through the main entrances. Serving staff also face outward to create an open, welcoming feeling. Serving staff are experts at talking about and serving authentic good food.

Premises in Small concept spaces can offer restaurant services in co- operation with a nearby restaurant. Dishes linked to our concept should always be found on the menu. Local variations may occur. In co-operated restaurants use of our own tableware is optional.


Table ceramics, glassware. (Pic 1:, Pic 2:


The Bar area

Here’s how the bars look like, as an example:


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