Making it happen

Why the world will welcome Lumo Nordic
In today’s world people are looking to escape stress, everyday hassle and routines. They seek places where they can just be, relax and feel good.

To this end we’ve created Lumo Nordic
Lumo Nordic is a new concept in relaxation that merges the best of two Nordic traditions: sauna and food, all in pursuit of calming and nourishing your body and soul.

Target audience

Our focus is on urban 25+ adults. They are inspiration seekers who value new experiences. They are design centric. They set and follow trends. They lead busy, hectic lives full of demands on their time and attention. They are individuals, couples, groups of friends/colleagues, and experience-seeking tourists. They all seek a relaxing respite from the pressures of everyday life.


Our vision is to deliver the world’s most modern and accessible Nordic relaxation experience for all your senses.


Our purpose is to improve your everyday life by providing a place where you can feel good and relax.


Our promise is to deliver the easiest way to relax and feel good.


Our values are casual, caring, natural and nurturing.

Casual: We create a calming ambiance by being relaxed, unpretentious, and attentive as we do our work. We streamline our conversations, systems and processes to eliminate stress-inducing factors for both our staff and our guests.

Caring: We exist for our guests. We do our very best to make them feel welcome and relaxed. We treat them as individuals and with respect. We listen to them, anticipate what they need, and strive to make them smile. We care about our co-workers in the same manner. We also care about ourselves and come to work well-rested and enthusiastic.

Natural: We believe in all things natural. From the materials in our space, to the food we serve, we aim for natural purity, beauty, and grace. From the way we serve our guests, to the way we interact with each other, we aim to avoid all falseness, pretense, and insincerity.
Nurturing: We design a world of relaxation in which everything works as expected, the senses are pleasantly stimulated, and harmony takes a central role. From the layout of our space, to the attentive way our guests are served, the atmosphere is calm, soothing and nurturing.


Within the relaxation business, we position ourselves as everyday luxury through our mid-to-high price point.


Value proposition

We deliver on our promise to “deliver the easiest way to relax and feel good”

…through two key benefits:

Primary: An accessible, contemporary and experiential way to enjoy better everyday living through multi-sensory, Nordic-inspired relaxation techniques

Secondary: Sauna’s proven health benefits.

Brand identity

We operate under one brand, Lumo Nordic.

More about verbal and visual under Brand materials -section.

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