Food & drinks menu by Sara La Fountain

“Experience the essence of Nordic flavors with seasonal and local specialities straight from the nature. Innnovative meals, finger food, soups, special burgers, fresh salads and desserts made of Finnish ingredients.”

– Sara La Fountain


Our food embraces innovative and modern Nordic cuisine and is made with authentic, quality ingredients. While we avoid food with additives, though we don’t pretend to be purveyors of raw or super food. Our goal is to simply make good food from good ingredients. We also like to present our food in a way that is as relaxed and nice as the tableware and the surroundings. Snacks served in the bar are easy to carry and eat on-the-go. Throwaway cups and plates are only used for take away.











From the bar one can buy drinks and snacks. Snacks can be dried and fresh fruits and berries, nuts, small sandwiches, tapas as well as natural yoghurt and quark. One can also buy more traditional sauna food such as sausage that are locally produced of high quality ingredients. Drinks are juices, smoothies, waters, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages such us beers and wines. We are especially proud of our local beer selection. Also coffee and tea is served.


Small sandwiches in take away box, fruit snacks in glass cans, locally produced quality sausage snacks, smoothie. (Pic 1:, Pic 2:, Pic 3:, Pic 4:

In the Eating and Drinking Area we have a full-scale restaurant. Our compact menu changes with the seasons, though we always serve some of our “title dishes”. If the restaurant service is offered by a third party (in a Small concept space) there can be more variation in the menu, but we do always serve our “title dishes”.


Meatballs in eating and drinking Area, pizza a bit differently, quality burgers, sandwiches the modern way. (Pic1:, Pic 2:, Pic 3:, Pic 4:, Pic 5:

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