Sauna garment, towels and seat covers

The sauna garment (like a sarong) is made of cotton and washed linen blend. It is comfortable and hygienic to wear in hot saunas and cooling showers. The garment is long enough to cover when one is sitting on a sauna seat with legs up. It is easy to wrap around the body, both for men and women. The garment has a chip that works as key to lockers/boxes in the dressing room and as a payment device for food and drinks. Guests can wear underwear or swimwear made of cotton under the sauna garment.

Our towels are made of thin cotton much like hamam towels, but with a Nordic feeling. Thin towels are easy to store and soft on the skin. They differ from the sauna garment in color, texture and pattern.

Seat covers are thicker and made of pure washed linen. Seat covers can also be recognized from their darker colors.


Sauna garment and seat covers (Pic 1:, Pic 2:

We personalize the sauna experience by giving name tags for towels to our guests. Guests write their names themselves. The name tags attached to towels are made of thin wood. Regular guests can reuse their name tags. Shoes and hats for ice dipping as well as sandals for the sauna area are offered upon arrival at an extra fee.


Our toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cream, body lotion) are offered in co-operation with an existing cosmetics brand. The products are of high quality, natural and Nordic, though not too “green”. Products can be bought in the Sauna Shop and used in dressing room and showers (in bigger bottles that cannot easily be stolen). Design of the co-branded bottles is in line with the Lumo Nordic design ethic.

Bath brushes are also made in co-operation with existing firms, but co- branded and designed for Lumo Nordic. Also these can be purchased in the Sauna Shop.


Toiletries in visually nice packing, Finnish cosmetics from start up. (Pic 1: Aesop, Pic 2:

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