A nourishing and refreshing cocoon

Lumo Nordic is another world. Not just another restaurant, gym or spa, but a new concept space in which every aspect has been designed to help distance you from everything that brings stress into your life.

  • You calm down as our natural materials, simple shapes, relaxing scents, and calming colors envelop you.
  • You unwind as the slow-paced, respectful, and gentle service of our casual and friendly staff touches you.
  • You loosen up as our quietly efficient ways ease every step.
  • You feel at home as you come to know the ways and benefits of sauna culture and Nordic food from friendly experts.
  • You move peacefully between clean and beautifully-designed dressing rooms, activity rooms, bars, saunas, and showers.
  • You can always dip into cooling water outside our saunas as well, the combination of hot and cold treatment will make you feel totally relaxed .
  • You relax and socialize in a comfortable space that serves fresh, healthy food and delicious drinks.

Lumo Nordic. Step into your relaxation zone and enjoy.

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