Scheduled Guided Sauna

Guided Sauna is a managed process of relaxation. We offer guided sauna several times a week, usually in evenings. Frequency depends on season and location. The sauna guide starts the one-hour session with a short introduction to the relaxation rotation. Then he/she guides the guests through the saunas and cooling baths/showers and helps them to become as relaxed as possible. Program varies slightly on a monthly basis.

All guests can take part in the guided sessions at no extra charge. Reservations are not needed.

Sauna Guide on request

A Sauna Guide can also be booked for a private session. The content of a privately held session is more personalized than in a scheduled one.

Scheduled Sauna Activities

Sauna Activities bring exercises into the sauna. Our guests can enjoy Saunayoga, Pilates, stretching and relaxation in our saunas. Sauna activities are held according to a weekly schedule. In smaller premises with only few saunas, activities take place during less busy times of the day/week.
Guests pay separately for these activities, and in busy premises a reservation is needed.

Sauna activities on request

Sauna activities can be held for private groups. In locations with less demand, activities are only arranged on request.
Sauna treatments: massage, limb healing, washing services

We offer sauna treatments such as massage and limb healing and in some locations washing services.

We have developed our own sauna massage that has influences from classic Finnish massage techniques and our relaxation rotation philosophy. A short list of options make decisions easy. Guests can choose between a 30 or 60 minute massage. The shorter one is either for upper or lower body and the longer one is a whole body massage. Also a 15-min quick fix for neck and upper body is offered. Limb healing takes one hour and is usually focused on the back.
Washers, who wash the backs of our guests in the sauna, are available only in more busy locations and a reservation is needed.

Shorter neck massages can be given to guests in the Welcoming Area if the masseur has time off between Guests. This can be offered either as a free “random act of kindness”, or a paid service.

Theme sauna

When there is a special event or season coming up, sauna baths with a theme are arranged in our premises. These themes, moderated by the Sauna Guides, include welcoming the full moon, New Years Eve, Christmas, northern lights, marathons, etc. For example, a post-marathon yoga and stretching event may be staged, or on New Years Eve a bath outside is taken to view fireworks. Guided baths take place in normal saunas and guests can choose to join or just have a normal sauna for themselves.

Activities in Activity Area and outside

In the Activity Area we offer more traditional relaxing and restorative activities such as yoga, Pilates, stretching and core. Activities can usually be carried out with only the weight of the body or with very few and small pieces of equipment. We adapt the philosophy and practices of yoga and Pilates to fit our target audience and our concept.

Outside activities, such as running and marathon coaching are arranged with certain intervals. Close to water we also have organized stand-up paddling (SUP). All activities are true to our concept.

Activities are paid for separately and in busy locations a reservation is needed.

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